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Shelby + Patrick are previous wedding clients who are now expecting their first child! Miss Ruby! I am grateful to have captured this milestone. Ruby, you have the best parents and you are so loved! 


Such a small world, but I went to High School with Shelby before I transferred schools. Fast forward and I become a photographer and then get pregnant with Collins. (During covid) She ask me to document her + Patrick's wedding months before Covid hit. Covid happened to rise again during December which is their wedding month! I sadly couldn't document the day because my family and I got positive results back saying we had Covid a few days prior ot their wedding day. I was SO bummed. So sad I couldn't physically be there, but Shelby and Patrick were SUCH troopers and so understanding during the pandemic and all the chaos. And especially understanding that with me having type 1 diabetes that they didn't want to take any chances of anyone getting sick. Seriously, bless their souls. If that isn't selfless I dont know what is. 

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